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We build technology solutions.

We are specialised in building a solution suits to your needs (and economic situation) using latest technology.

We have done some impressive projects to date, while building in-house products at the same time.

The team is full of synergy and enthusiast that are capable of creating custom hardware and software in order to meet towards the goal.

The Team

Meet our team members.

Kher Nawawi


Akif Rabbani

Making things working

Rafi’uddin Rodi

Counting money

Ammar Ashbil

Creating video about things

Yugaindiran Marimuthu

Connecting things together

Muhammad Hazamee

Office security guard

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What we have done

• College Student Management System

• Magnetic Door Security Lock with Mobile App Access

• Card Access System with Custom Scanner

• Online Payment Gateway

• Internet of things (IoT) projects

And a lot more computer and internet solutions.

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