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Our Released Product

While building software product for many organisation, we also have our own product line which has been used by mass market.

Datang.my is a free to use platform that created its own QR attendance solution that can be integrated with temperature records for schools, universities, offices, etc.

Since June 2020 we have achieved 1 Million Daily QR scans, 2 Million Users and more than 2000 Institution and Organizations have been registered.

Adasms.com is a SMS platform that provides an SMS gateway where any organization/developer/marketer can use to automate the SMS based on their needs.

We can provide cheaper prices as low as RM0.07/SMS. Many businesses or organizations are using SMS for many purposes such as marketing, operation, notification, OTP number and many more.

Barang App helps users to organize their parcels more simply within apps. With Barang App users will get notification when their parcels arrived at your local pickup location. With the function of QR Code, only authorized users can claim their parcel at the pickup location